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Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk - 13KG

SKU: DAI00107
  • H Halal
  • K Kosher
  • VG Vegetarian
  • GF Gluten free
  • NF Nut Free
  • PF Palm free
  • PF Peanut free

Our Sweet Condensed Milk brings the perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess to your recipes. Crafted from a fusion of unsweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk.

This dessert contains high-quality regular milk and powdered milk. It has a rich and creamy texture. When you eat it, it melts in your mouth. This product combines milk and sugar perfectly, adding a delicious sweetness to many dishes like desserts and drinks.

Our Sweet Condensed Milk is creamy and low in fat, great for making tasty treats that satisfy cravings without losing flavour.

It adds great taste and texture to your dishes. Use it for making ice cream or sweetening your coffee. A must-have ingredient for any recipe.

Its versatility allows for endless possibilities in the kitchen, from creating creamy sauces to baking delicious cakes and cookies. Indulge in our Sweet Condensed Milk for a luxurious culinary experience that will elevate your dishes.

Spend £150 for FREE Shipping