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Tate & Lyle Organic Dark Brown Sugar - 22.68KG

SKU: SUG00890
  • H Halal
  • K Kosher
  • V Vegan
  • VG Vegetarian
  • DF Dairy free
  • GF Gluten free
  • NF Nut Free
  • PF Palm free
  • PF Peanut free

With a dark brown colour, Tate and Lyle Organic Dark Brown Sugar is a blend of organic golden granulated sugar and organic molasses which produces a balanced, rich molasses flavour and aroma, a dark golden brown colour, and a fine crystal size.

Organic Dark Brown Sugar works as a good organic sugar in a wide range of applications such as baking and brewing. 

This product is supplied in a clear plastic bag/sack and not a paper sack.

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