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Tax Strategy Statement


HMS (485) LTD and subsidiaries including Kent Foods LTD Tax Strategy

The board of HMS (485) Ltd believes that the publication of this statement complies with the duty set out in paragraph 16(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016 in respect of the year to 31 December 2018.

Managing UK Tax Risks

The board of directors is ultimately responsible for the tax affairs of the group and its subsidiary companies, and sets the policies to be adopted in respect of all tax matters. The day to day management of the group’s tax affairs is delegated to the Finance Director, supported by appropriate external advisors where required. Any identified tax risks are reviewed at board level.

Tax Planning and Risk Profile

The group takes a prudent approach to UK tax. It will only engage in tax planning which directly supports our commercial activities. The group will seek to utilise any tax incentives and exemptions intentionally provided in law, and any tax planning undertaken will have commercial and economic substance in achieving the group’s strategic objectives. We do not enter contrived or artificial transactions.

Relationship with HMRC

We engage with HMRC with honesty, integrity and transparency and seek to file all returns on time with full disclosure and by providing all information lawfully requested by HMRC. We will work collaboratively with HMRC to resolve any disputes or where there is uncertainty in the interpretation of tax laws.